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Magnetic resonance imaging is a unique test which uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to take pictures of the head. In most cases, MRI gives valuable information that would otherwise have gone unnoticed on an X-Ray, ultrasound and a CT scan. In some cases a dye (contrast-material) may be used to clearly elicit pictures of structures.

MRI of the head + neck vessels is done in any of the following eventuality

  • Cases of headache.
  • Diagnosis of a stroke or blood vessel problem in the head which might be an aneurysm or abnormal twisted blood vessel present at the time of birth.
  • Check blood flow or blood clot to the brain.
  • Check symptoms of a known or suspected head injury.
  • Look for the condition "hydrocephaly" or water in the brain.
  • When dealing with tumors, infections, an abscess, or conditions of the brain or brain stem, leading to encephalitis and meningitis.
  • Look for problems dealing with the pituitary gland.

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