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Understand MRIs

If you read our Understand MRI article, then you know that Magnetic Resonance Imaging scans use magnetic fields and radio wave energy pulses to take pictures of internal organs and some structures inside the body. Most of the times, an MRI scan provides specific information about different organs inside the body, which are visible with a X-ray, an ultrasound or Computed Tomography (CT) Scan. Though, MRI scans are also able to show certain problems that are not visible through other imaging methods.

For an MRI test, the area of the body being studied is placed inside the machine, which contains a strong magnet. MRI scans provide digital images, which can be saved on a computer or printed, for further studies. The scanned images can also be analyzed remotely in operating rooms or clinics. Sometimes, contrasting material is used during the MRI scan to give a clearer picture of organs and tissues.

At DoctorC, we give great importance to the quality of the technology and doctors at our partner centers. All our partners have high-end equipment supplied by Phillips, GE healthcare or Siemens. Most also provide a free consultation.

The MRI Scans available at these centers are:

  • MRI Brain
  • MRI LS Spine
  • MRI Cervical Spine
  • MRI Dorsal Spine
  • MRI Shoulder Joint
  • MRI Knee Joint
  • MRI Angio Brain Vessels
  • MRI Temporomandibular Joints
  • MRCP
  • MRI Angio Brain Vessels
  • MRI Angio Brain + Neck Vessels
  • MRI Angio Kidney
  • MRI Angio Abdominal Aorta/Renal Vessels
  • And many more

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